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PIQT is an interactive query tool using the Perl DBI database interfae. It supports ReadLine, provides a built in scripting language with a Lisp like syntax, an online help system, and uses wrappers to interface to the DBD modules. It is still in development and has a ways to go, but it does work.


There is a similar project called dbishell. It has had more development and testing than PIQT. It also has a different approach to how things are done. Check it out, you might like it better.


PIQT has several features to make life easier. Most of which are things I wanted in a query tool. More features are added as I find time and dream them up.


See the PIQT summary page at SourceForge for downloads.


Beta but stable so far. I'm imporving PIQT in my spare time, so the going is a little slow.


Unix with Perl 5.005 or better. PIQT has been tested on Linux but should worlk properly on any UNIX.

Required software

Perl - See the documentation for more information.

DBI - The Perl DBI library is available at CPAN. See the Perl site for more details.

Recommended software

Term::ReadLine::GNU or Term::ReadLine::Perl available at CPAN. See the Perl site for more details.